Callum Young

Role: Road Lead

About Callum Young

I grew up here in Quispamsis, in the month of March I decided it was time to return back to Canada after living in Seoul, South Korea for three and a half years. I decided that the best way one and to rediscover Canada was to cycle home. So on March 4th the Editor of FarrideĀ Magazine and I set out for a month-long journey across this snow ridden country.
At first, like most people cycling was a mode of transportation, it was to get places, to explore and hang out with my friends. As I grew older and went off to university I fell in love with the Fixed Gear scene in Ottawa and racing in some criteriums. When I lived in Seoul, I raced here and there all within the fixed gear scene. Even these days I love to get out on my fixed gear and feel once again connected to the rode and the bike.
Being back in New Brunswick has been incredible and my goal for Saint John Cycling is to grow the Road Cycling Community. You don’t need a carbon fiberĀ bike to ride, you don’t need a $200 pair of lycra to ride on the road. All you need is a bike and a helmet. Cycling is about bringing people together, exploring and seeing this beautiful landscape by two wheels. Cycling isn’t about trying to drop new riders or creating an environment where people don’t feel comfortable.