Corporate Sponsorship Pricing

Bronze $250 +

  • This is mainly for the Youth Program however can be a smaller donation to the club
  • This is a limitless donation if you choose to not have benefits set after

Silver $500 – $1000

  • This is the start level for investments
  • However lowest levels of exposure to the community

Gold $1000 +

  • Our most popular for donations amount
  • Offers the most popular benefits for return
  • Expected most growth in the group

Platinum $3000+ Please speak to Alfred Jones for information (

Saint John Cycling has a variety of projects going on throughout the year that may not be initially supported via corporate sponsorship and membership contribution. Saint John Cycling also understands that some companies and individuals have invested interest in some projects more than others. 

To address this, we have set up a donation link through our website that will allow for directed donations to specific areas of our organization. If you would appreciate public acknowledgment of your donation, please leave your contact details in the provided fields.