Traffic Monitoring

A low cost traffic monitoring device using Telraam is installed at the home of a Saint John Cycling member.

Monitoring traffic volume and speed can help communities identify and address road safety issues. Usually, traffic monitoring has been costly and cumbersome to deploy, but thanks to a group of researchers and community contributors in Belgium, anyone can start traffic monitoring from their window with a low cost computer and open source software.

Telraam uses a Raspberry Pi computer with a camera module ($130~) to create a device which counts pedestrians, bicycles, cars, and heavy trucks passing by your window. Telraam can also analyze the speed of passing vehicles.

Call for Interest in New Brunswick

Saint John Cycling is collecting a list of partners and those interested in monitoring traffic in their neighbourhood. If there is enough interest, funding could be pursued to build a network of Telraam devices across the region or the province.

Learn More

Telraam on Git Hub – Open source code and technical documentation – A project to engage +1000 citizen scientists in 6 European cities using Telraam