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The Trail Miners are Saint John Cycling's volunteer trail crew.  The crew's mission is to provide great trails for everyone to enjoy and have some fun along the way.

The Trail Miners are passionate trail stewards  and their efforts have resulted in the successful development and maintenance of nearly 50 kms of well-maintained trails for recreational useAll Saint John Cycling members who volunteer on our local trails are Trail Miners!

The City of SJ are an incredible partner in the Rockwood Park developments.  Without the land owner's faith in us to be stewards of the trails, this could not happen.  The City of Saint John provides ongoing financial support and is dedicated to sustainable practices by providing training opportunities such as IMBA workshops.

Trail Miners average 2000+ volunteer hours per year . In addition to ongoing maintenance and bridge repairs, the Trail Miners are also responsible for many of the excited projects completed at Rockwood Park. Some recent examples include:

    Skills Park

Sasquatch Run

 Bunny Rampage

Enthusiasts Path Climb Trail

Corduroy Upgrade

Frying Pan Lake's Revival

Sweetness Refresh

McKay Skyway's Upgrades

Momma I'm Comin Home Updates

Millennium Falcon Build


If you have some trail maintenance experience or are looking to take your skills to the next level, consider our Adopt-A-Trail Program.


Contact us for more details!

Cyclist Performs a Wheelie


It's our volunteers and sponsors that make what we do possible, we would love to hear from you! 



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